My Story


Hi, my name is Kate and I’m the founder of YohBra. 

I’m no stranger to new beginnings and facing the most vulnerable moments a woman can. I’m a trauma and domestic violence survivor of 10 years. And am in recovery from addiction. I am a proud member of the Denver women's recovery community and have always recovered out loud. 

When I was in that abusive relationship, I experienced the pain of not having access to undergarments. Often, I would go commando because that partner took all of my money. Being stripped of the essentials is one of the most challenging experiences I've ever faced. It is this colored past that led me to commit to something new, for me to begin again. 

Being in recovery, I’m surrounded by people who have defied the odds and started fresh. Though plenty of them have experienced not having access to undergarments too. When first starting out in recovery, the road can be rocky. It often involves jail, prison, and transitional housing. Resources are sparse. 

Through my survivor and recovery communities, I noticed that women who were just starting out had little, if any, access to foundational items like bras and underwear. Once my feet were firmly planted in my new beginning, I felt called to serve these brilliant women in the best way I could think of. And that’s where YohBra started.

Thank you for joining me on my mission to change the lives of women who have found themselves in vulnerable positions and just need a little support to start anew.